Curton Grau keramikplatten Modern stil Wohnen




  • Gewerblicher Bereich
  • Leichte Struktur
  • Natürlich
  • Matt
  • Gewerblicher Bereich mit hoher Beanspruchung
  • Außenbereich
  • Rektifiziert
  • Wohnbereich

No better way to create a relaxing environment. RAK Ceramics reinterprets the ancestral charm of stone and transforms it to one of the most preferred material in contemporary architecture. Solid, durable and extremely versatile, the stone-look tiles have special features and highly attractive visual impact. A traditional mood that is able to define interior design projects with a modern appeal. RAK Ceramics’ stone collection is inspired by various types of stone existing in nature and is the ideal choice to create a particularly welcoming atmosphere that suits a sophisticated environment ; giving a sensation of wellness and relaxation.

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